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Have a one to one lesson anytime, anywhere!

Doing lessons privately makes you concentrate on your practice without having to worry about others, and you can ask questions freely. That’s why you’ll be a quick learner! Flexibly scheduling your lessons at your pace doesn’t intrude on your lifestyle. You can take lessons at home or at our school. You won’t miss a single lesson! Doing lessons gives you an opportunity to open a new world by knowing traditional Japanese culture.  It’s a great multicultural experience!

Special campaign for Intensive course in English

We can offer you a special plan. The campaign is now on! 

A 90-minute lesson x 8 times

Usual Price : 43,200 yen (regular price including tax) + 5,000 yen (enrollment fee)

Campaign Price → 19,800 yen (campaign price including tax)

This course is our most popular international course.  In this course, you master how to put on kimono by yourself and learn color coordination, dress codes and kimono manners.  Learn about rich traditions of Japanese culture! It is rich in contents. After this course, you can step up to an upper class  to be able to get a Kimono master’s license permanently guaranteed by the school.

*This course is offered exclusively at Soka head school and your own place (eg. at home).

*Now all new students receive a ready-made kimono as a present to start lessons immediately.

*You can use your own kimono. If you have no kimono, you can borrow a kimono from the school.

*The school can send an instructor to your place. We do our best to accomodate our students’ wishes.

*In the case of visiting lessons, please pay the transportation expenses to the visiting instructor.  Please contact us whenever you have inquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

The flow of tying obi sash

Mihosugata is the very best kimono school for you.
Enjoy a free trial lesson and begin lessons whenever you are ready!

What is a free trial lesson?

Would you like to start a new thing without a free trial lesson? You must be worried about many things…but the free trial lesson will remove them. A visiting instructor shows you the Mihosugata original wearing method while helping you dress in a kimono. Before enrollment, please feel free to ask the instructor anything at all!  She will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • 90 minute free trial lesson
  • Answer your questions
  • Make sure your goal

*You can try it without kimono because we prepare a set of kimono for your free trial lesson.

Dressing casual komono

Get a free trial lesson and more information!

Message for you from Mihosugata

Mihosugata or “美保姿” literally means “keeping yourself beautiful”. In other words, “being beautiful makes you happy or きれいだとうれしい” Yes, that’s our mission!  Keeping this in mind, Mihosugata kimono school has been making efforts to hand for over the art of wearing KIMONO to many people over 45 years.  We have just opened an international course in English in the hope of further expansion of KIMONO culture around the world.  KIMONO is a traditional Japanese art form which includes artisans’ sophisticated skills. The KIMONO has been loved and treasured since ancient times.  We hope you enjoy Japan’s aesthetic by wearing kimono. Experience KIMONO, and discover a new you!.


Mihosugata Amebablog

The easy way to put on kimono


Soka head school

Shino Bill 2F 2104 Hikawa-cho Soka-shi Saitama-ken

5 minutes-walk from Soka Station (Tobu Skytree Line)

0120-029234 (in Japanese)



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